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Do it on a low speed and I would just remove whatever’s on there ceramic nail drill bits, I’ll just show you if you remove just the cuticle area cubicles is one of the hardest areas on the nail to master, so if your cubicles are a little rough a week or so after they grow out, don’t be hard on yourself, that’s to be expected especially when you’re trying to learn it, the idea is we want to smooth out the cuticle that was harder to get me because it was too close to the cuticle at the times when it grows out a little bit, you can get at it a little bit better when I was first learning I would literally do a new set of nails and then invite the client to come back about ten days after a week to ten days nail bits for nail drill.And I would offer them a free manicure and that way I could check my work, so I’m giving them a free service, but it would also be able to check my work and I would catch anything that I missed the first time around or any little snags because that can be really irritating okay so I’ve just kind of buff, the cuticle that didn’t eat a whole lot, sometimes it’s just a skim across can make it look so much better, and if you have done a lot of work, look at these nails right there’s a lot of work that went into them with the nail art and everything, so sometimes you don’t want to get rid of all that nail art especially after a week, if the cubicles are just kind of ratty.You can just sort of fix it by just going in this little area here especially if it’s an embryo or something, you can really do this really fake, this area and it won’t affect the rest of the design, I’m just getting a chance to smooth it out now because it’s a little bit further away, and this is especially great if you are learning how to do any type of nail gel hard gel hybrid gels acrylic and even these tips okay, so if we get a little look, see at it, you can see and feel it’s much much smoother so you can take the whole design off and redo it or you could even just work with this, you can literally take a bunch of glitter and fill it in here you could paint a black line going all the way around here look like it’s part of the design, there’s lots of things you can do to sort of disguise that look now let’s see how these are looking because I don’t do these all the time and I certainly don’t do them with gel very often at all that’s the full coverage tip applied.Gel I really don’t do those much at all when I do them I do them with acrylic and it is quite different, I’m just kind of filing through those devils instead of smoothing it at the same time, so this step isn’t necessary, it’s only if you want to change the nail art on the tip, it’s kind of a cheat really, because everything else might be fine and even this is a time we can go underneath and get anything else especially to get the client to come back and you can check your work, that’s one reason why I would do that because I’m able to check my work they’re coming back for a nice free service I get to know them a little bit more, and then I can fix anything that I might have missed, I mean they might not even have caught it right away, so I’m really trying very carefully not to file into the tip because I want to replace the tip I just want to remove that thin layer of gel, so I’m just being very.Very gingerly with it, okay that’s looking pretty good, nice and smooth, but I can make it even smoother, smooth.So just give me a minute, I’m just gonna file off this gel so we can get a good look underneath what’s going on, I’ll leave the design on the thumb, so I can show you how you can keep the pattern and design were just targeting the cuticle area on that one but these ones I’m going to take all the polish off’s a whole design, you get two so we can get a really good look and it’s going to vary for everybody, it could be more lifted than this, it could be less lifted than this, it just depends on how you did it, know that you were in that day and how detailed you got so once I’ve got all the gel off I can get a really good look so don’t write your nails off if you’ve got the key. Vehicles are a little bit rough or even a lot a bit rough, you can fix that now and then polish it over to sort of cover it that’s what can buy you some time between fills this has only grown at about a week, so if I push my cuticle’s back just a little bit more now it looks like about a week and a half just that one finger, you can see the diff.But the reason why I did that is because we can get a little more nail estate a little bit more room between the file and they’re cute I’m gonna move the tube for a SEC, I’m going to show you with an e file and with a hand file, I mean a file just makes it easier if you’ve got clients you’re doing them back to back then it’s much quicker, of course, but if you’re doing this at home and you’ve just got a hand file, then you wanna go like this and flip your hand over pull your skin back and sort of go as close as you can without cutting but it’s gonna be easier now than the first time you did it because it’s grown away from your cubicle, this is a technique and would like anything, it just takes some time to get it, so I am just going in with that hand file just trying to file it out as smooth as they can any lifted a bulky spot.I will be honest, you can do it with a hand file but it’s a little bit harder than e file, but not everybody has an e file, now I will say you can do this at a week or two. You can even buy some time on a three week grow out you can do a little mini medicare and buy some time, but it really depends on how long your natural nail bed is for nail plate and how much.The fake nail is hanging on to that natural nail, that’s the trick, so for someone having a much smaller nail plate, if it grew up there, this could be a third of their grow out of the size of their nail plate.You know what I mean, we’re kind of getting into it here, but if I have a little short nail bed and nail plate and my nails grow fast it could grow off in two weeks, but if I have a longer nail bed and my nails grow really slow I could go quite a few weeks before it starts to really grow off, so just it’s so personal right so you just try to file this little lifted edge out and make it as smooth as you possibly can, trick is not to file your cuticle and that’s why you didn’t maybe do it, the first time because it’s hard to get in between that, that’s why this company in particular says leavell hairline space between now when you’re doing acrylic nails as an artist custom building a nail, we try to get as close as possible without touching, that’s the whole goal like I say cuticle work is one of the hardest things about.Out the entire nail to really master but once you get it, oh man, it’s like gold, so that’s looking better let’s get a little duster, so we can clean it out to see this part is really a smooth transition, but this part here you can still see is lifted a little bit same with that side so it’s just persevering and trying to make it as flush as you can, when you’re filing your filing on the product, not the natural nail, just make sure that you’re doing that you’re filing on the product not on the national like I say this is easier with a drill and of course you know when I do my videos, I’m doing education and talking and sort of sharing with you, the tips that you can do to make this technique work for you so it’s going to take longer I stop talking and just do it, I’d be done by now, but you know talking is a great way for me to communicate so it may seem like a long time, but honestly this is a fantastic technique to do for clients just to get a real.Smooth cuticle in between fills just makes it look really smooth, I’m actually liking that OK, so now I need a smoothing file, we took a before and after so we’re able to show you up close the difference that this is going to make now we’re putting nail polish on these long nails, it got some special polish to put on to give them a nice finish, I’m gonna put some oil on here and show you how good this looks so I’m gonna take the dust off and I’m going to put some alcohol in there to take all the dust away and then I’m gonna drop some cuticle oil in there massage it in and show you how much smoother we’re looking at now and how we just gave it basically a facelift.That’ll be a smooth application, smooth transition now for that nail polish or gel polish whatever you’re using and you can see the difference you this lifted nus.Look at that rough cuticle, the pinky’s rough, but look how much smoother that made it right.That just sends them on their way and they got another two or three weeks maybe four five with a beautiful cuticle, and it won’t catch on things because like I say the cuticle is hard, you guys don’t be hard on yourself, the cuticle is tough, so I’m gonna file those up with the e file show you what that looks like so this is an effect bit and this little guy really gets in there so a tip for anybody using any file whether your nail technician or D I Y make sure you don’t go in this with a point, keep it parallel, keep it level, and when you go into that cuticle, you’re just taking away any guy that’s lifted anything that’s a problem but you’re doing it in a flatter since you’re more parallel to the nail like this way, you’re not taking it as a point it feels like you want to do that but that really is the wrong way to do it because now you’re just gonna have little debit and we want to do is.Really just smoothing it out so it’s smooth like that not little holes all around okay so I’m gonna just clean up, all these cubicles and then I’m going to polish them and show you how beautiful they look zale and then I’m going to drop some oil on the cuticle and then I’m going to massage it in then we’re going to polish them and give them a fresh new look just a week to ten days in I recommend this after every new set. So this is where it’s really going to shine all the work that you just did how you’re going to really benefit from having a mini manicure, I’m gonna put some polish on Christine loves her hollow, so if I was to put this kind of color near the cuticle with all that rough cuticle, it would look like a horrible mess, but this now is beautifully smooth.Jazz gorgeous I’ve never used this color before this is one of her newer collections that she just at least nail polish dries VIA the air, so don’t waste any time during application, you start to get used to that with gel, don’t you can take as much time as you want, but that is beautiful, okay so let’s try this guy I haven’t seen these colors on yet so I’m quite excited to try them I’m gonna do this beautiful green to name them mince veto.Okay, okay, I’m gonna paint I think the free edge a bit more first like I say it is nail polish it’s meaning to dry rather quickly I don’t want to be drawing as I put it on so I’m trying to work quickly, chess goop it up, use your nails as tools that’s a rule, we always say as nail technicians, don’t use your nails as tools but.I often do don’t tell my friends okay, so now I’m gonna try this blue color, oh I wanted to mention this cuticle is a little bit rougher, this cuticle didn’t when I first did this, you should check out the video actually when I put these gel tips on I was really kind of learning this particular method as I go and I press down my problems were too much product inside the nail and I pressed down too hard, this was my one of my first nails that I did and I pressed down too hard so it literally is over top of my skin a little bit but you can see I disguised it pretty good, it’s all about smoke and mirrors, if you’re not super good at it there’s lots of tricks you can do to cover it up to make it look like you’re good at it okay now that blue is gorgeous, now I’m gonna try the purple.Oh, goodness, that is beautiful, I love those okay, so if you’re interested, this is the hollow Taco pastel rainbow collection beautiful I have this one too, so I didn’t put that one on because I only got four fingers, there’s lots of colors, okay, so I’m going to try and do a second coat and then there’s another little trick, you can do with the cuticle, if you’re still not liking the way the cubicles are you can literally cover za, OK I like these way more than I thought it was going to they’re absolutely gorgeous and talk about a nail estate and I apologize Christie because I’m putting these on fake nails and I know you’re more all about natural nails, but they are stunning I actually love nail polish on fake nails.It comes off way easier, you don’t have to file it all off, it maybe doesn’t last the wear and tear through drills and everything on you, but sometimes gel doesn’t either these are gorgeous okay, so if you’re not liking the look of the nail polish around the cuticle area there’s another little trick, you can do these turned out super smooth, so I probably don’t need to do this, but if you didn’t have time and you didn’t want to buff away all the cuticle area and go through the steps that I just showed you you could do this or even this as well, get yourself some sparkles so these look pretty good to me, you could pretty much almost leave them I see a little bit there I don’t like it’s not perfect here but they really actually look pretty good, we smooth them off pretty good, you can do this with nail polish or gel polish either or going to get a little bit of top coat which could be gel or nail polish, I’m going to get a little tiny brush and I’m going to put a little bit of top coat in here, this is called polish.Cure now this is probably a pretty fast drying top coat, you want to work quickly I’m going to get a little bit of mylar glitter, what I’m doing is covering the problem area with a little shiny thing, topcoat is drying already, now, it is really hot, we’re going through a heat aren’t we guarantee barely keep my makeup on and not getting too hot, so I’m gonna reapply that nail polish I just put another little dollop there, and I’m going to add some more myler glitters is really pretty pieces, so it’s drawing as I do it so I just have to move on the quicker side when you do this with gel polish, it’s much more forgiving of course there is no time frame so you can just do as much as you feel it needs right ever which area you’re trying to cover now, this is not going to add any strength, this is just aesthetically trying to get you away.From the fact that you need a fail right, I mean you can just see it’s actually really very pretty, but it also covers that area that may be a little tiny gap that’s looking a little bit, you know empty, you can just fill it with that, so also don’t fall into the pattern of maybe trying to fill in that area with a little bit of depth with gel polish in particular because it’s too thick to cure you’re going to do that you really just need to give yourself fill and use some hard gel or hyper gel or whatever you’re using okay so I am just going to topcoat this remember the thumb, we wanted to keep the design, we want to take it off but we really didn’t like our rough cuticle’s so I just fixed the thumb and just buff, the cuticle, but I left the design on, but now we’re missing the design, what we can do is if you don’t feel like glitter, you can take a color of gel polish that you can do this with.Polish but it’s probably going to dry up before you really get a chance to finish the painting it so I would recommend doing it with gel polish and I did this originally with gel polish, I’m just going to paint the cuticle area in it’s kind of a designer trendy design that went around I don’t know thought of it, it’s kind of neat, maybe that’s why they thought of it was to covering up a fill that they were trying to cover up they didn’t have any time to fill it, maybe this is how it was invented, so you just want to fill this area in with the color I will say the darker the color certainly does have its advantage of hiding any type of indentation when a fill is needed so it depends on how fancy you wanna get them, you could paint all the way around you could do some line work whatever you want.So nobody would be the wiser if you were trying to cover up a feel simply because this is an actual design that people use look at that that looks really pretty so simple as that you can just do that little trick like I said, you can do some extra work on there but nobody would think anything of it because it is actually a very beautiful style.